3 trends that will define the future office design

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Every day the way professionals are working with companies is changing. The startups revolution has given rise to the co-working phenomena; multinational companies now have cross-continental teams. As a result, new trends of employee engagement and retention are affecting the global corporate culture. One of the smartest ways companies are facing these challenges is rethinking office design and fit out. Let’s look at some of the most effective office redesign trends here.

  1. Creating designs that reflect the company’s core values
    Successful office design consultants in Bahrain and throughout the world always dig deep into the core values, vision and mission of the company they are designing for. This gives them clarity about how their design should be to accommodate all kinds of works and tasks that happen on a daily basis inside the office. This also helps them create enduring designs saving their clients the need to redesign every five years or so.
  1. Designing adaptive office spaces for flexible work culture
    The majority of workforce today is made up of those born in the 1980s or later and the millennials. The millennials and the 1990s’ individuals grew up sharing files electronically and getting things done from places they felt most comfortable in. These factors should become part of today’s office design and fit outs. Flexible office furniture in floors that have areas flowing into different parts in terms of functionalities can make any office floor more dynamic. Keeping work stations flexible is another way of adding customization to a design.
  1. Building offices that reflect who work inside
    Talent retention is one of the biggest corporate challenges faced globally. Smart office designs can help improve the situation. For example, Facebook asked employees about what they would like to have in their office. This simple move helped the company create a workplace where people feel at home and they can see that their opinions and needs matter. Researches have shown that a mere average 3 to 5% increase in employee engagement can outrun the total office redesign project spends. Considering the global average of only 13% of employees feeling engaged in what they do, this trend in office design is here to stay for long.
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