5 ways to create better workplaces with colours

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Researches have shown that offices influence our performance at work to a considerable degree and we react differently to different colours. Creative office design and fit out specialists are bringing these two factors to design motivating office spaces that boost productivity and team spirit. Here are five top ways how colours can transform your office.

  1. Going back to Nature: Blue and green are most commonly found colours in the natural world. Researches show that these colours help us concentrate. Painting work areas in shades of blue and green, designers give the space the feel being close to nature and help people focus better.
  1. Fueling energy during breaks: Red and orange, the warm colours make our heart beat faster and are generally known to boost energy level. Office interior designers use these colours to create a high-energy environment in the break out zones. Being intense, these colours also influence people to return to their own work stations without losing much time.
  1. Welcoming diversity: Some individuals work better in high-energy environments like busy cafés surrounded by many people. By using cool and warm tones strategically in an office, designers create diverse work stations that accommodate all kinds of workers. Fit out elements like privacy pods, sound proof meeting rooms, wall mounted desks and vividly coloured furniture placed at different zones can successfully turn any office suitable for all kinds of employees.
  1. Brightening with colours: Shades of pastel like peach, pistachio etc. make any place look brighter and help lower stress and conflict. Corporate interior specialists often use these shades to cheer up office spaces without much sunlight and where people deal with high stress tasks. Cooler shades can also balance the effect of hot outdoor environment in Middle East offices.
  1. Handling hurdles: Creative office fit out and interior ideas use yellow to increase cheerfulness of an office. Also by putting lighter shades with the more intense ones, designers create office spaces that encourage team spirit and help to decrease conflicting outbursts.
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