Do’s and Don’ts of Workplace Wellness

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Corporate wellness programs have become a norm in most large multinationals and other organizations. Many organizations are employing innovative office design and fit out solutions to bring employee wellness. While some of these plans are superficial in effect, some will make lasting impact on the employees’ physical and mental health. Here’s a quick list:


  1. Create an office environment soothing to all senses. Apart from ample daylight, good and proper ventilation is critical for employees’ performance and wellness. Soundproofing patches of areas in open design offices will provide privacy and chances to work uninterrupted.
  1. Include healthier furniture and fit out solutions. People in the Middle East spend long hours in the office sitting in chairs. Standing desk is one of the most effective ways to make working long hours healthier. Put reminders to take small walking breaks and to use the stairs throughout your office and inspire employees to incorporate some physical activities.
  1. Bring greenery inside. Living plants not only help employees have less eyestrains and add fresh oxygen, they can also boost healthy living. Many firms in the world are adding greenery to their interior to bring good bacteria and make working in the office healthier.


  1. Arranging health check ups to just assess health risks will not promote healthy living. Chances are, overweight employees know about their obesity, smokers know the dangers of lung diseases already. Try to bring some system that follows up with the risks identified and brings positive changes.
  1. Many organizations introduce health plans and competitions for a short period to address issues like obesity etc. Generally, people develop health issues over a long period of time. Addressing these issues with short term solutions will not solve the situation, in fact relapse is a serious threat.
  1. Having popular but unhealthy food items in cafeterias and snack stations is detrimental to long term employee wellness. This can potentially lead people to offset their plans to eat healthy. As a result, many organizations globally and in the Middle East are switching to healthier and more natural food options to promote true workplace wellbeing.
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