How to control office noise with office fit out

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One of the biggest problems people working in the open office spaces face is the problem of noise. Other people talking, the office chit chat, telephones ringing and other machine noises all contribute to creating a disturbing office buzz. This noise, in the era of knowledge work, has become a big concern for employers and employees alike.

Researches have shown that the more complex the work is, employees take more time to re-focus and concentrate when distracted by noise. This also produces an unwillingness to take up and finish such tasks when people are aware of the noisy situation. Providing control over how much noise to allow can help people focus better and improve the workplace motivation to a great extent.

Office fit out contractors, who care about creating great office spaces are always experimenting and finding ways to provide ways to control office noise. As many global workplace authorities agree that acoustics in the office floor determines the performance factor and workplace wellbeing, office fit out and interior designers employ many tools to create a noise-free office. Some of the most effective techniques are:

  1. Noise control with office design
    Consultants in leading office design companies pay close attention to the kinds of work that happen in an office before they start the designing task. Office design experts also develop a keen understanding of their clients’ teams that need to work together and the rest that can work in relative isolation. With these analyses, they place teams and individuals in proximity for better collaboration and keep isolated spaces for those tasks and people that need high level of concentration and strategic insights.
  1. Noise cancellation with office fit out
    To help larger teams collaborate better without disturbing others, office fit out experts use office fabric, acoustical material for ceilings and office carpet. These elements help absorb noise and keep other areas relatively peaceful. Aligning office storage and seating equipment strategically, they create barriers that block noise and yet help collaboration without hindrance.
  1. Headphones for critical tasks
    Many organizations provide and allow employees to put on headphones when they need their complete concentration for a task. Studies have proven that some level of noise helps concentrate better when people are engaged in repetitive, structured tasks. Whether people use headphones for keeping them focused on their repetitive chores or use them to cancel other noise, providing them is an excellent way of giving employees control over office noise.
  1. Building quiet corners for better communications
    Apart from intelligent office floor plans, smart office designers employ innovative office equipment to include quiet corners in the office. Meeting pods for individuals or teams and office telebooths are such innovations that help people conduct phone calls and short meetings peacefully and without any noise distraction.
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