How to increase motivation with office design

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Performance is one of the biggest key indicators of an organization’s health and how it treats its employees. This factor, being directly related to quality of work, can determine the fate of any firm in the long run. Workplace psychologists and researchers have identified matters that directly influence performance. From providing ways to control the office temperature, relief from boredom to creating quiet spaces in open office floors, office design consultants are constantly finding ways to make the office boost performance.

Performance, motivation and office design

Many workplace psychologists define performance in terms of motivation, what the individual can do and what the organization offers to the individual. Following this framework, creating a workplace that motivates is crucial to retain top talent and maintain a high degree of competitive advantage in the market. An office that helps employees maintain their optimal health, provides with control over physical environment and boosts collaboration without taking away privacy will keep employees motivated and engaged. All these factors can be intelligently integrated with stunning office design solutions.

  1. Providing natural light
    Brightness in the work floor helps concentration and keeping a positive attitude. Smart workplace designers are creating floor plans to include maximum exposure to natural light. This also helps employees feel being closer to nature and being part of a living environment. Office design contractors and consultants are using glass in various ways to create bright areas. Providing an open space within the office premises is another way to let natural light brighten the work environment.
  1. Providing fresh air
    Designing a healthy office not only helps employees maintain their health and therefore perform at their best, this helps organizations suffer from way less absenteeism due to illness and insurance payouts. Fresh, high quality air is a primary requirement of our body to function at the optimal level. The air quality affects concentration, overall health and mental attitude towards a space, that’s why office design consultants are crafting more ways to provide better quality air in a corporate office interior. Including top quality carpets, mats and fabrics in the office fit out installations is an excellent way to maintain air quality.
  1. Motivation through engaging design
    Researches have shown that when employees in a business unit are engaged in their work and bond better with their peers, they perform better. Office design architects have found many ways to create this kind of floor plans with workstations placed like small neighborhoods within the broad work floor. Minimizing barriers in a space where team members sit in close proximity is another way designers make sure that employees get enough chance to bond over work. Creating quiet zones is another way of ensuring employee concentration and motivation in busy open floor offices.
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