ID Works can provide teams or individual consultants to discuss and support the creation and design of your new or refurbishment project


Every project a UNIQUE CUSTOMIZED solution

idworks creates specific designs tailor made to reflect your organization and how your work.

What prevalent culture is unique to your company?

Talk to us and let our interior designers create a customized solution that reflects who you are and what your organization stands for.

All the elements that can help to increase efficiency, improve productivity and collaboration, inspire creativity and generally make work-life more rewarding for your organization and your staff needs an intelligent design style.

design governs function

All great designers agree that how your work space is designed and built has direct correlation to the performance of your organization.

We are a one-stop shop for integrated design.
Our design services include:

  • Design Concepts

  • Design Development

  • 3D Visuals

  • Bill of Quantities

  • Scope of Works

  • Documentation

  • Bidding

  • Project Management Plan

  • Design Implementation

A new bank refurbishment project at the Bahrain Financial Harbour; notice the cross-over and seamlessly integrated working space that allows individuals to naturally and effortlessly flow from one area to the next…

Multi workplace options without restrictions allows individuals to carry out their tasks wherever it is suitable providing both privacy yet still remaining within eye site

Work happens everywhere in this highly energized office including this acoustically built meeting pod that blends social with active tasks

Intelligent Design

Strategic, intelligent and purposeful office design not only results in a more confident and energized workforce but can also set in motion a refined outcome across multi-tiered platforms for the organization.

This meeting pod is just begging for people to come together and discuss opportunities, resolve problems and make their organization a more successful enterprise!

This meeting pod is built with glass for more privacy yet still allows for open and natural feel and integration with the rest of the organization; that’s intelligent design

A confident and proud workforce is an asset every organization aims to have – implementing fabulous workplace design features helps attract and retain such talent


What work do people at your office do?

There are a multitude of innovative, state of the art and highly effective design elements that can significantly enhance how your organization works and functions.

What Does Your Office Say About You?

ID Works design approach is balanced, free of preconceived ideas, and originates with the belief that a great office space will contribute towards inspiring humans working there to give their very best effort in making their organization more successful.

Design with Health & Well Being in Mind

What do people working in an office want? What do they do during their time there? How do they perform their task? The processes to be performed require peace of mind, a healthy back and a good doze of daily fresh air to keep the brain well-oxygenated.

A design that nurtures emotional relationships between departments and be a catalyst for business success


It is time for the new office. The small, uncomfortable and noisy workplaces are replaced by multipurpose workstations that are acoustically sound and ensure suitable levels of comfort for the whole day.

Peaceful Work and Meeting Spaces
Soundproof Work and Meeting Spaces
General Work Satisfaction
Activity-Based Offices
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