Top 3 office design and interior trends for 2018

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As the nature of work across the globe is changing at a rapid pace, office design and interior ideas are needed to accommodate the trends. For organizations to truly benefit from the innovative office design projects, design strategists and fit out contractors need to understand the underlying impact of each trend and create custom solutions for clients. Here are some trends that will not only continue through 2018, but also will create future developments in the office design area.

  1. Increasing flexibility in office design
    To create a successful design, the designer team should take into consideration the relationship between office design and functions. For example, a sales-oriented office should have a fundamentally different floor plan than a marketing-oriented firm. Also, the nature of work can help to design a most effective floor plan. Today’s knowledge-based work environment needs a worker to work alone, collaborate and communicate regularly, technology plays a big part in the entire process. Activity-based office designs and office furniture are an excellent way to accommodate this trend.
  1. Bringing collaborative teams together
    While the complexity of work requires a lot of collaboration, brainstorming and consultation among different disciplines, innovative office design teams and strategists are now creating Neighborhood-based Choice Environments (NCE). In this model, the open office plan groups teams that require to work together closer and distributes fit out resources in a collaborative manner. This leads to ease of work, stimulates team spirit and the helps people socialize more. Collaboration at work will remain a key trigger for innovation at work place, thus, office design teams need to focus on this to create successful plans.
  1. Ensuring workplace wellbeing
    Innovative organizations are now looking for office design ideas that can help employees stay healthy and boost productivity across functions. The trend is here to stay as there is no set amount of time that an employee would spent in the office on a daily basis. The unpredictable nature of work has led to severe health issues in employees across industries. Now companies are focusing on wellbeing in the workplace to retain top performing people for longer tenures. Bio-philic design, inclusion of natural light, ergonomic furniture and use of high-quality fit out fabric and materials for noise and germ absorption are some of the methods designers are employing to create smart office designs.
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