“Everything we believe in and do is focused on the well-being of your staff”

idworks CEO

Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness

A sense of belonging to a team and performing a greater good continuously comes up as the single most important attribute for employee well-being and job satisfaction in survey after survey. Job satisfaction is key to organizational successful and a great workplace environment contributes well towards this outcome

Idworks – designs that put people first

Vision in design sees the big picture and not just space planning and architectural features. A vision understands the needs to allow for your staff to CONCENTRATE as they carry out day to day tasks. Hopefully this will lead to better CREATIVITY and PRODUCTIVITY and thus greater ideas to solve your clients needs’ and thus increase sales and/or goals of your organization. The next challenge is to COMMUNICATE this message successfully within your organization and amongst colleagues, clients or co-workers. COLLABORATIVE areas may be called for as the ideas and business plans are discussed, problems solved and solutions created.

Idworks design ensures there are no barriers or walled partitions between the interdepartmental operations of the organization. The result? Free flow of communication and continuous exchange of knowledge amongst the staff and departments occurs naturally and unobtrusively leading to a much higher standard of productivity

Often senior management are placed far away from each other. A more intelligent solution is to place them together and ideally be near their respective teams.

Adding a warm and inviting coffee station placed next to huddle rooms, meeting and think-tank collaborative areas encourages the managers and staff to talk more, meet more often and make faster, more relevant decisions. The result?

Knowledge is shared faster, better communication exchange and resolute team work . Another design idea that helps drive company efficiency and profits higher

Workplace Solutions

An intelligently designed workplace that is built to a high standard of quality not only brings out the best in people but allows the whole organization to move forward and achieve its business objectives

idworks expertise

idworks specializes in designing and creating working environments that increase internal efficiency processes & systems while at the same time eliminating procrastination. Net result?

1. Higher productivity

2. Higher profit margins

3. Happier, healthier staff

As the workplace continues to change at a rapid pace with employees becoming more mobile and gaining multi-task capabilities, suddenly the need for a completely new and innovative workplace approach has arisen.

Having designed, built and furnished many of the world’s leading corporate brands, idworks has gained a formidable reputation as the leaders in the workplace solutions industry

idworks can create the perfect workplace to ensure all tasks of your organization whether in a boutique micro-office or within lager spaces and across multiple platforms and departments are easily managed, achieved and successfully implemented.

Is your organization ready to thrive into the future?

By redefining how a workplace should be and further re-engineering the processes and systems of an organization idworks is well-positioned to drive your project from design concept to completion either in segmental stages or as a turnkey approach.

Stages can include suggested office location, space plan test fits, conceptual design ideas, fit-out scope of works with estimated budgets, furniture design and selection, graphics and corporate ID implementation, IT consultation.

Idworks commitment to deliver every project to the highest quality, to budget and on time is an integral part of our principles and is a guaranteed outcome. Every project. Every time.

Taking on this approach to all our projects has resulted in the same outcome: success at the office leading to a truly satisfied and energized workforce.

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