How office design can help to retain top talent in your office



To make matters worse, the rise of freelancing culture is adding fuel to fire. To combat high attrition, along with better employee benefits and regulations, organizations are investing in creating office spaces in order to retain top performers for longer tenures. Here are some of the ways that can help keep the attrition level low.

Helping employees bond with office design tactics Employee engagement studies and surveys show that in every 100 employees, disengaged ones outnumber the engaged employees by two to one.

On the other hand, employees when feel engaged to their work and organization, can improve the bottom line up to 20%. Including informal catch up areas and quiet zones in the busy open office floor design, organizations can help employees bond over work challenges and create better engagement. Creativity in design can help employees spend time in the office in a deeper emotional level and thus creating stronger attachment with their work and the firm.