Innovative thinking on how interior space is used directly influences interior design. For instance, research into contemporary trends and preferences within commercial interiors has shown that workspaces that are creatively designed using fresh thinking boost employee engagement, productivity, and in doing so, grow overall company performance

Innovative work-zones

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Our world is changing at pace. Younger generations now form a vital part of business teams, and it is important to anticipate new ways of working and interacting and to provide environments that stimulate and engage. Long gone are the days of rigidly segmented desks, partitions, and closed meeting rooms - and the once-popular concept of ‘hot desking’ (working anywhere within an office) has been proven to be a step too far. While people value freedom of movement within their working day, they also value a space that is ‘their own’.

Innovate KSA expertise lies in delivering the right blend of formality and creative freedom within workspaces. We do so by creating different zones that cater to Millennials and Gen-Z groups’ behaviours. Stand-up desks, break-out spaces, conversation booths, open - and closed - meeting areas, and many other innovative concepts all merge to create dynamic, human-centric interior solutions that are fully customised to each client and their workforce. Engaging. Motivating. Dynamic.