Furniture is a critical aspect of any successful commercial interior design because it is through innovation in fitout that human endeavour really shines. People react to and with the components within an interior space, making use of every opportunity to work more comfortably, more enjoyably and more efficiently through stand-up desks, private booths and meeting booths, conference areas and far more. Why? Because people come first, and an environment should nurture their every endeavour.

Workplace furniture solutions

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At Innovate KSA we stock and deliver some of the finest, holistic, and most awarded furniture systems in the workplace industry, sourced from Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Germany, and Eastern Europe. Our solutions include integrated, ergonomic pieces such as height-adjustable desks, perfectly acoustic-insulated telephone booths or private meeting spaces. With over 100 furniture brands from around the world, Innovate KSA can propose both a high quality and an affordable plan. In terms of open-plan areas, our systems ensure that enough privacy has been considered for each person, allowing them a quiet space in which to work while maintaining an integrated feel.

Where work can be done runs between an office desk, a collaborative meeting booth, a huddle room or a soft seating area, as we continue to reinvent the future workplace. Innovate KSA approach to furnishing is to create a multitude of useful working area options and our environments generally include breakout zones – places for relaxation or casual teambuilding, along with café, dining or other food and beverage space requirements. Seamless, unified design.