Top 3 technology ideas for designing better offices



Now the success of a fit out and office design project in the Middle East and throughout the world depends upon how it helps the business grow better. This includes the happiness of the employees involved as well. Researchers and developers all over the world are coming up with cutting-edge gadgets and solutions that would drive better workplace designs geared for better employee engagement and endurance in the face of the uncertain future. Let’s look at three such innovations.

Making intuitive design possible with big data

To optimize any design project, designers, suppliers and planners need to know which areas will attract more engagement and activities on a daily basis and which areas can be reserved for peace and quiet. Some of the best office design and fit out firms in the world are using the data from sociometric badges given to client employees to gather this kind of information. These badges record which areas the employees spend time and for how long. When cross-checked and analysed with the departments’ work nature and employee strength, this data helps to design optimised spaces without under-utilised patches.

Fusing tech gadgets with furniture

As mobility and flexibility at work has become a great factor in office interior design, many designers are creating furniture pieces that can hold a piece of gadget. Table tops fitted with tablets or other screens are an excellent example of letting employees share information and perform faster and smarter. Firms like Microsoft are already choosing furniture solutions that help their office become adaptive to changes and let people use many kinds of technology at the same time.

Designing enduring office floors with adaptive furniture

The nature of business is changing rapidly, some of the positions that we have today were not there even ten years back. It is almost impossible to predict where we will be in the next five years. So, a successful office design should be ready for future changes and trends. One of the trends that can help designers achieve durability in their design is getting adaptive furniture. Height adjustable desks, row adjustable benches, movable screens, multipurpose storage – innovative furniture designers are creating a whole new generation of items. Keeping these in mind during the basic design level will give any design a much longer life.