Creating workspaces people love

At ID Works, we create superior workplace solutions tailor made to reflect your organisation and how you work. All the elements that can help to increase efficiency, improve productivity, inspire and generally make work-life more rewarding. We provide teams or individual consultants to discuss and support the creation and design or specific details related to your important project.

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Workplace Design Innovation

“The silver lining of the pandemic has been a renewed focus on seeking harmony with the environment and local flora and fauna,” says Ron Stelmarski, principal and design director at Perkins & Will. “The commonly overlooked outdoor spaces of our cities have become enhancers to typical building projects: Spaces between buildings, parking deck rooftops, underutilized park space.”  


Employees outperform in environments designed around them.

The research is in – employees not only outperform in environments designed around them, they also help drive the organisation towards greater success by being more passionate, more engaged and more productive with their work. Suddenly the need for an intelligently designed & well-built work environment accumulates significant importance.

As a respected and leading office design and build practice ID Works can be trusted to deliver your next office project on time, to budget and to the highest possible industry standards.

Outperformance is directly linked to how smart your new office is designed & built.

Impact of workplace wellness solutions on business outperformance:

  1. Customer satisfaction 92%
  2. Profitability 82%
  3. Innovation product development 72%
  4. Revenue per employee 68%
  5. Speed to market 66%
  6. Growth 64%

                           Source: CABE, UK Research

The King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD)

is an exciting new multi-use development in the heart of Riyadh. Having successfully designed and built the SAMA HQ (now called Sadad Payments) ID Works is well qualified to undertake any size fit-out works within KAFD. Proudly supporting the 2030 vision, the ID Works Global Saudization level is Platinum Certified. ID Works also sources as much furniture and material locally as possible and soon will be launching training and employment of professional Saudis to work within the interior design and construction industry. 

As the leading workspace design provider ID Works Global solutions have captured the imagination of both private and government organizations embracing a new, energizing, and dynamic work style that makes employees love where they work. If you want to see a breathtaking design for your new workplace, send us an email. We’d love to hear from you and about your new project. 


Great minds need great spaces. What does the world's best office space look like? It provides areas for mindfulness. It allows introverts a space of their own. Coffee is available everywhere. Dark, almost secret quiet sleep zones are tucked hidden away. Loud, bright center stage meetings rooms abound. The list is endless and like fashion ever-evolving.


Let staff relish natural, healthy sunlight. Window views contribute to greater health for office workers. People in a workspace want visibility – to see and be seen.  The overuse of glass within an office design is never enough. A transparent organization communicates, connects, and coordinates work processes better.

Roaming Deskless Workspace

Eight hours in an office is a long time. Providing options and a choice of where to carry out tasks is a smarter way to work. Quiet people in closed cabins and booths. Loud collaborative work in a coliseum with whiteboards. One to one meetings anywhere. Teleconference and video calls in strict quiet privacy settings. A better workspace design starts with what type of activity is needed. Work anywhere culture