The journey to your new office starts here

What factors make a new office project successful?

A thoughtful and intelligent design makes a great start. Quality finishes and solid workmanship adds to the next step. Ergonomic furniture keeps your employees healthy. A good balance of colors and use of fine materials helps set the mood for every day work. Corporate identity instatement adds the motivational inspiration. Enhanced furniture can provide a much needed advantage to get ahead of the competition.

Welcome to Your New Office

The Reception

The first impression for your visiting clients and a reminder of why you are in business. What does your company stand for? What your principles and how do you communicate these within the workplace? Infusing elements of your corporate ID throughout the workplace can create a special and emotional connection both internally among employees as well as with visiting clients

Reception and client servicing area for McDermott

The Open Plan Office

The open plan – either unmitigated disaster or success at the office. Which of these have you experienced ? At idworks a meticulous design to open-plan ensures enough privacy and quiet has been considered for each person whilst maintaining an integrated feel . How do we do that? Contact us to find out…

A call-contact service center in Riyadh for CCC

The Manager’s Office

What style of management prevails within your organization? Open door policy or the private and quiet achiever type?

idworks can design and build the right balance of managerial style office that both motivates and leads your organizations’ missions and objectives. Talk to us and let us know more about your way of thinking, how you prefer to work and the style you prefer that’s best suited for your organization

The unique ‘Goggle’ managerial desk – one of many & better styles of office furniture systems imported by idworks

The Boardroom

Decisions, deals & dollars – this is where it happens. idworks can perfectly design & build your conference, boardroom & all your meeting places for those sessions that bring together the collaborative best out of your teams

A Coca Cola boardroom designed by idworks with the main logo built from empty coke bottles with a LED lit neon effect for a stunning result

The Breakout Area

A place of nourishment, an area of relaxation, casual team building and where management and staff can freely mingle together. Growing in importance and now considered a significant part of every organizations new workplace needs, idworks can create an energizing and invigorating cafeteria, dining, break out or any other food and beverage requirement.

The break out and catering section located at the new HQ’s for WorleyParsons – designed, built & furnished by idworks

The Collaborative Area

Decisions need to happen quicker than ever in today’s fast paced economy. A great place to share ideas and start a discussion, analysis or any other business consideration occurs within private, enclosed and purposefully built acoustically enhanced collaborative areas. Contact idworks for our latest designs and ideas for your new office

A think-tank collaborative area for a Riyadh based Financial Institution

A seamless unified design

Today’s multi-task talented staff require a multitude of useful and working area options. A blurry line as to where work can be done runs between an office desk, a collaborative meeting booth, a communal team bench, a huddle room, or a soft seating area. At idworks innovation and trend setting are part of the design teams culture as we continue to reinvent the future workplace

A working micro office designed concept for The Gate Mall, Doha

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